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437th AMXS (07-7189 Charleston) C-17 Model


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437th AMXS (07-7189 Charleston) C-17 Model

Fly with the 437th AMXS (07-7189 Charleston) in this handcrafted C-17 Globemaster Model. Each piece is carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Length – 18 inches

The 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is composed of nearly 1,000 combat-ready maintainers and support personnel, comprised of Active Duty, Civilian, and Air Reserve Technician components. They inspect, service, and maintain the assigned C-17 aircraft at Joint Base Charleston. These maintainers enable aircraft to perform assigned global airlift missions ranging from combat support operations and humanitarian relief to aeromedical evacuations. The squadron is also responsible for no-notice and scheduled deployments of maintainers supporting Charleston aircraft and other AMC aircraft in austere locations, maintaining worldwide airlift dominance.

The 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is responsible for the maintenance of 52 assigned C-17A aircraft worth more than $10 billion dollars. The 437 AMXS primarily performs flight line tasks to include daily mission launch and recovery, pre- and post-flight inspections, maintenance troubleshooting, aircraft systems repair, and minor modifications. The squadron is organized into two aircraft maintenance units (Gryphons and Blue Knights), a Viper Support Flight, and the one-of-a-kind Maintenance Special Operations Flight (MASOP), which is charged with the DoD’s only 24/7 JCS-directed Strategic Alert Response commitment.

Originally activated on 27 Dec 1965, the 437th Organizational Maintenance Squadron directly supported airlift missions for the former 437th Military Airlift Wing by maintaining the various squadrons of C-124, C-130, and new C-141A Starlifter aircraft. With the onset of the Vietnam War, Charleston Air Force Base maintainers continued to deliver mission capable C-141A aircraft to meet the ongoing mobility requirements in southeast Asia. Re-designated the 437th Aircraft Generation Squadron on 1 Aug 1990, maintainers assisted in the preparation and launch of over 800 aircraft departures supporting Operation DESERT SHIELD and Operation DESERT STORM. In Jun 1993, maintenance personnel prepared as the first C-17A Globemaster III arrived at Joint Base Charleston. 1 Oct 2002, the 437th Aircraft Generation Squadron became the 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, and now prides itself as the single largest squadron in Air Mobility Command. The 437 AMXS continues to play an instrumental role supporting current DoD initiatives aimed at ensuring success in the Global War on Terrorism, and all other national military interests including humanitarian efforts worldwide.