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319th Fighter Squadron P-51 Model


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319th Fighter Squadron P-51 Model

Fly with the 319th Fighter Squadron in this handcrafted P-51. Each model is carved from wood and hand-painted to provide a piece you’ll love.

It was established in mid-1942 as a fighter squadron and trained under I Fighter Command primarily in the northeast with Republic P-47 Thunderbolts. It was deployed to the Mediterranean Theater of Operations in Algeria and took part in the North African Campaign supporting the United States Fifth Army’s advance with tactical air support. It attacked enemy armored columns, troop concentrations, road transport, bridges and other targets of opportunity. It also flew combat missions over Sicily from airfields in Tunisia, supporting the Allied ground forces in the liberation of the island. The squadron was moved to Italy in late 1943 and continued tactical operations as part of the Twelfth Air Force. It supported the Fifth Army as it advanced into central and northern Italy during the Italian Campaign. It was re-equipped with North American P-51D Mustangs in 1944. It continued combat operations until the German capitulation, and demobilized in northern Italy during the summer of 1945. It was inactivated in October.