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317th TAW (Pope) C-130E Jungle Model, Lockheed Martin, Mahogany 1/74 (21″) Scale


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317 TAW (Pope) C-130E Jungle Model

Fly with the 317 TAW out of Pope AFB in this hand crafted C-130E model. Each piece is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Length – 16 inches

Wingspan – 21 inches

317th Troop Carrier Wing was activated in Japan in 1948. Provided troop carrier and courier service in the Far East, 1948. As a result of Soviet blockade of Berlin, moved by ship from Japan to West Germany, December 1948— January 1949 and reassigned to USAFE.. Participated in Berlin Airlift, 9 January – 31 July 1949.
Became USAFE theater airlift organization. From July 1952 to April 1957 provided C-119 troop carrier and airlift service in support of USAFE, NATO, and UN, at same time participating in numerous exercises and humanitarian missions. Moved to France in April 1957, replacing 465th Troop Carrier Wing on 8 July From April 1963 to June 1964, provided C-130 airlift in support of USAFE, NATO, and UN.
Reassigned to Tactical Air Command and moved to Ohio in June 1964. Became involved in TAC’s worldwide C-130 airlift operations, with airborne training a major responsibility.
In May 1967 the unit was redesignated the 317 Troop Carrier Wing and by 1971 it transferred to Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina. Provided C-130 replacement training support for PACAF, October 1965— July 1971 and August— December 1971. Also provided C-123 combat crew training for the U.S. and Republic of Vietnam crews, September 1969— August 1971.
Reassigned to Military Airlift Command in December 1974. Pioneered in use of adverse weather aerial delivery system (AWADS) equipment in active combat operations in Southeast Asia, and from September 1977 to January 1988, trained aircrews in the AWADS for a C-130 squadron in Europe.
The 317th provided airlift, combat control, medical evacuation, and security police support for Operation Urgent Fury, the rescue and evacuation of American citizens from Grenada, October–November 1983.
Between 1983 and 1993, the 317th participated in training exercises, special assignment airlift missions, channel missions for Military Airlift Command and Air Mobility Command, and national airlift competitions. Crews and aircraft of assigned squadrons rotated periodically to England for European providing intra-theater airlift. It has Trained jointly with Army airborne forces from Fort Bragg, NC, tested container delivery system for parachute dropping of heavy equipment, deployed crews and aircraft worldwide as needed, and led C-130 Airborne Assault of Rio Hato for the Rangers and provided launch support out of Green Ramp at Pope Air Force Base for 2126 82d Airborne Division paratroopers on C-141s and follow on support airlift for airborne and special operations forces in Operation Just Cause in Panama.