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129th Aviation Company UH-1H Model


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129th Aviation Company UH-1H Model

Fly with the 129th Aviation Company in this handcrafted UH-1 model. Each piece is carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love. 16inches

The 129th Aviation Company was formed July 3rd 1965 and was activated July 5th 1965 at Fort Campbell , Kentucky . The 129th Aviation Company served in Vietnam from 21 October 1965 to 8th March 1973 . The 129th was assigned to the 10th Combat Aviation Battalion which arrived in Vietnam on 29th October 1965.

The primary mission of the 129th Assault Helicopter Company was to provide tactical air movement of the U.S. and allied troops in connection with counter-insurgency operations against hostile forces in the Republic of Vietnam .

The secondary mission of the 129th Assault Helicopter Company was to provide tactical air movement of supplies and equipment within the tactical area of responsibility.

The additional mission of providing suppressive fire support from the armed helicopter platoon for the ground troops, assault helicopters and motor convoys was of increasing importance.

Additional missions of the 129th were Armed Reconnaissance by Fire, Surveillance, Artillery Adjustment, Emergency Extractions and Medical Evacuations.

The 129th Aviation company was reorganized on Nov. 10th 1966 . The units attached at this time were 394th Transportation Company and 433 rd Medical Detachment. The authorized strength at this time was 15 Offices, 52 Warrant Officers and 152 enlisted men.

The 129th was an airmobile light unit. They had much practice at Company size moves. Since arriving in Vietnam in October 1965 to Sept. 1966 the unit had made 17 tactical moves. The 129th consisted of a 1st and 2nd flight platoon of Slicks, which were known as Bulldogs where were D model aircraft and one gun platoon known as Cobras which were B models.