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11th Air Refueling Squadron KC-135R, 1/90th scale, Mahogany, Aerial Refueling, USAF


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11th Air Refueling Squadron KC-135R

Fly with the 11th Air Refueling Squadron in this hand crafted KC-135 model. Each piece is carefully carved from wood to provide a piece you’ll love. 18 inches

During World War II the squadron trained crews and technicians for photographic reconnaissance and mapping, 1942-1944.

Reactivated in 1955 under Strategic Air Command (SAC) as a KC-97 air refueling squadron, it participated in SAC tests, exercises, and air refueling operations and other Air Force commands in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Far East, and Southeast Asia, from 1955 onward. It won numerous wards for its operational performance, including the Saunders Trophy for Outstanding Air Refueling Unit in 1970 and 1971.

It was upgraded in 1965 to the KC-135 Stratotanker jet. In 1972 the 11th supported two large-scale aircraft movements to Southeast Asia, 5-6 and 8–9 April, and on 12 May and over the next three days it deployed all available tankers and crews at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand. About one-half of squadron personnel formed a rear echelon at Altus AFB. The forward echelon manned the 4101st Air Refueling Squadron, Provisional. Some 11th ARS personnel were returning to Altus AFB on 4 November 1972, but some of the squadron remained on temporary duty in SEA. By January 1973 about half of the 11th’s KC-135s had returned and by June 1973 all aircraft and crews had returned. The 11th continued its normal SEA support as well as its many other global commitments. The squadron refueled its first C-5 Galaxy on 1 May 1974.

The squadron’s resources were divided on 1 July 1977, a part being retained by the 11th, the remainder used to man the new 340th Air Refueling Group, Heavy, and the 340th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. The new group was assigned to the 19th Air Division and the 11th to the group.

On 19 September 1985 the 11th Air Refueling Squadron was consolidated with the 11th Combat Mapping Squadron, a unit that was last active 1 May 1944. This action was directed by Department of the Air Force Letter DAF/MPM 662q Attachment 1 (Active Units), 19 September 1985. The Consolidated Unit will retain the Designation of 11th Air Refueling Squadron, Heavy.

The squadron was inactivated in 1994 as part of the drawdown of the USAF after the end of the Cold War.


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