Nathan Rocklein – Owner/Aviator


I have always loved aviation and especially my time flying in the U.S. Navy.  Operating throughout the globe, I loved the thrill and camaraderie that ensued within the squadron with good shipmates and even better friends. Whether that time was in the actual aircraft conducting missions or just playing dice at the club, it was always about the squadron.  The heart and soul of Naval Aviation is not the aircraft but the people that operate them.  It is a culture that I love and hold very dear.

In addition, I’m an avid aviation junkie and lover of military history. When I was waiting to start flight school the summer of 2000, I had the enviable job of being a tour guide at the Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola.  One display I was keenly fond of was the Cubi Point O Club.  It is a fantastic display of probably the greatest O’Club in Naval Aviation. Every inch of the walls are covered in fantastic regalia and symbolism of my fore-bearers in Naval Aviation.  Unfortunately, the real Cubi Point club is long since closed when the U.S. pulled out of Subic Bay, Philippines.

I didn’t think anything more about the Cubi Point O’Club as I went off to VP-5 and deployed around the globe.  I did always notice that the few remaining Navy Clubs did tend to still have bits and pieces of carved mahogany or sometimes random pieces would hang throughout different squadron spaces.  I never knew who made this stuff, but it wasn’t really available anymore.  As places got remodeled, a lot of these pieces went with them.  In their place, were cheap imitations (if at all) and not worth the plastic that replaced the wood.

It all came back to me when I was a flight instructor at NAS Whiting.  The Cubi Point O’Club synthesized a level of craftsman and artistic talent that could not be found anywhere in the world – the Philippines.  With the closure of Subic, Naval Aviation lost a piece of herself.  With that, I started my company Squadron Nostalgia to capture the entwined relationship of Naval Aviation and the artisans of the Philippines. Since that time, I have sought only the finest craftsman to produce authentic aviation models, plaques and similar items.

I feel proud that the product we offer is the real deal and keeps a piece of Naval Aviation alive.