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VT-6 Shooters T-6b (Navy) Model


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VT-6 Shooters T-6b (Navy) Model

12 inch wooden model of the T-6b – a first for many a Naval Aviator of the VT-6 Shooters!.  Let the T-6 start your model collection off right!

Training Squadron SIX (VT-6) was initially established in 1956 and re-designated as VT-6 in May 1960. The squadron provides primary flight training to selected Student Naval Aviators (SNAs). Since its inception, VT-6 has flown a wide variety of naval training aircraft to include the TC-45, T-28, T-34, and now the T-6B. The squadron serves as an indoctrination point for Naval Aviation and takes pride in building professional U.S and International Aviators.