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VT-6 Shooters Squadron Patch – Hook and Loop


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VT-6 Shooters Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing

Training Squadron SIX (VT-6) was initially established in 1956 and re-designated as VT-6 in May 1960. The squadron provides primary flight training to selected Student Naval Aviators (SNAs). Since its inception, VT-6 has flown a wide variety of naval training aircraft to include the TC-45, T-28, T-34, and now the T-6B. The squadron serves as an indoctrination point for Naval Aviation and takes pride in building professional U.S and International Aviators.


On July 1, 1956, Multi-Engine Training Group (METG) was established at NAS Pensacola. At the time, student aviators would receive primary training in the T-34B and intermediate training in the T-28B/C. On May 1, 1960, METG was redesignated into Training Squadron 6 (VT-6) as a primary squadron stationed aboard NAS Whiting Field in Milton, FL, flying the TC-45. At the time VT-6 provided primary and intermediate flight training for students, as well as advanced flight training for students in the rotary and lighter-than-air pipeline. During the T-28 era, VT-6 functioned as a complete training squadron, primary to advanced. With the introduction of the T-34 and T-6B, the mission of VT-6 shifted to only primary training. Since that time, VT-6 has served as one of five primary training squadrons in the Navy, responsible for initial training of Student Naval Aviators.

Chief of Naval Operations Aviation Safety Award, 2005, 2013


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