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VT-3 Red Knights Plaque


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VT-3 Red Knights Plaque

A carefully carved 14 inch solid wood plaque from the VT-3 Red Knights.  Proudly display your squadron lineage with this plaque and what better way to start off than where it all started.

Training Squadron Three (VT-3) was commissioned on May 1, 1960, at South Whiting Field. Its primary mission at the time was to instruct student Naval Aviators in radio instruments, formation flying, and air-to-air gunnery. The primary aircraft at that time was the T-28 Trojan. Air-to-air gunner was discontinued in January 1965 and familiarization and basic instrument training was added in its place. In 1973, VT-3 moved to its present location at North Whiting Field.

In 1980, VT-3 became one of the few commands selected to be alternately commanded by a Navy or Marine Corps officer. The Red Knights were honored again in 1994 when they became the Navy’s first and only joint primary flight training squadron. The first Air Force instructors reported in February 1994 and the first Air Force students followed in July of that same year. VT-3 now alternates Navy and Air Force commanding officers.

The use of naval aviation insignia is a modern form of heraldry that dates back to the early period of naval aviation in the 1920’s and captures many proud moments of its history. The practice fosters a sense of pride, unit cohesion and contributes to high morale, esprit de corps and professionalism within the community. It also serves as an effective means of preserving a command’s tradition, continuity of purpose and recognition, as traced through its lineage. The following rules are provided to ensure that all command insignia and slogans are in keeping with the highest traditions of the proud naval aviation heritage.

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