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VT-3 Red Knights (Navy) T-6b,Beechcraft,Mahogany Scale Model


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VT-3 Red Knights (Navy) T-6b

12 inch model of the T-6b of the VT-3 Red Knights- a first for many a Naval Aviator. Makes the perfect gift post solo!

*Pictures shown may or may not be exact model shipped.  Order custom if specific BUNO is requested or desired.

Training Squadron Three (VT-3) was commissioned on May 1, 1960, at South Whiting Field. Its primary mission at the time was to instruct student Naval Aviators in radio instruments, air-to-air gunnery and formation flying. Air-to-air gunnery was discontinued in January 1965 and familiarization and basic instrument training was added in its place. In 1973, VT-3 moved to its present location at North Whiting Field.

In 1980, VT-3 became one of the few commands selected to be alternately commanded by Navy and Marine Corps officers. The Red Knights were honored again in 1994 when they became the Navy’s only joint primary flight training squadron to include Air Force students and instructor pilots. Additionally, VT-3 alternated Navy and Air Force commanding officers from 1995 to 2014. Today, VT-3 continues its legacy of joint training with a ready-room of Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force instructor pilots.