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VT-2 Doerbirds T-28C Trojan Model


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VT-2 Doerbirds T-28C Trojan Model

18 inch wood model of the T-28 of the VT-2 Doerbirds – a first for many a Naval Aviator.

Training Squadron TWO (VT-2), the Navy’s oldest primary training squadron, was born from Basic Training Group TWO and commissioned on May 1, 1960, at NAS Whiting Field. VT-2’s mission is to provide primary and intermediate stage flight training to selected student aviators of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and several allied nations.

Training Squadron TWO graduates approximately 210 students each year. Logging nearly 2,000 flight hours each month VT-2 has flown in excess of 1,800,000 flight hours and trained more than 19,000 students since its commissioning.



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