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VS-33 Screwbirds S-3b (2006) Viking model


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VS-33 Screwbirds S-3b (2006) Viking model

A carefully crafted S-3b Viking model with the VS-33 “World Famous Screwbirds”- a perfect display to capture your time with the legendary squadron! This model represents the last Screwbird and was a commemorative scheme painted on the last one. Each model is solid wood and hand painted to provide a piece of exceptional quality.   Wingspan is 18 inches.

Sea Control Squadron THREE THREE (VS-33), assigned to Carrier Wing Nine, was commissioned April 1, 1960. The VS-33 “World Famous and Internationally Traveled Screwbirds” first flew the Grumman S-2E/G Tracker from 1960 to 1975. Transition to the Lockeed S-3A Viking in 1975 marked the end of the propeller era and greatly improved the Carrier Battle Groups’ Anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

In 1991, VS-33 transitioned to the S-3B. Although outwardly identical to the S-3A, the S-3B is a vast improvement in weapon systems. The S-3B is the most advanced Surface Warfare (SUW) aircraft in the world. Using an array of advanced avionics and sensors, the S-3B is capable of detecting, tracking, localizing, and destroying enemy surface units. The Viking is a force multiplier, critical to the successful operations of the carrier battle group. VS-33’s squadron designation was changed in October, 1993 from “Air Anti-Submarine Squadron” to “Sea Control Squadron” to better reflect the new multi-mission role of the S-3B.

Since commissioning in 1960, the Screwbirds have earned the title “World Famous and Internationally Traveled Screwbirds” by conducting operations around the globe. During seventeen major forward deployments, the Screwbirds have made their home on many aircraft carriers including USS HORNET (CVS-12), USS BENNINGTON (CVS-20), USS RANGER (CV-61), USS KITTY HAWK (CV-63), USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64), USS AMERICA (CV-66), USS NIMITZ (CVN-68), and USS John C. Stennis which is the squadron’s current home.
They were the first fixed-wing anti-submarine squadron to be commissioned under the Navy’s carrier group concept.