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VRC-30 DET II Roughnecks Patch –Sew On


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4 inch patch of VRC-30 DET II Roughnecks Patch –Sew On

VRC-30 operates the venerable C-2A Greyhound in the performance of the Carrier On-Board Delivery “C.O.D.” mission. The Providers transport passengers, high-priority aircraft, ship, and weapons system components, U.S. Mail, and other cargo to and from the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet aircraft carriers, both at home in Southern California and wherever our CVNs may be deployed around the world. By providing rapid daily air delivery service between ship and shore, VRC-30 maximizes the warfighting readiness of deployed Carrier Strike Groups (CSG) and enables CSG commanders to bring maximum lethality to the enemies of the United States, wherever they may be.