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VR-55 Minutemen Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing


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VR-55 Minutemen Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing

A 3.7″W x 4.1″H squadron patch of the VR-55 Minutemen with plastic backing.

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron FIVE FIVE is a U.S. Navy C-130T squadron that provides 24-hour logistical support to U.S. Naval forces deployed throughout the world. Its primary theatres of operation include Europe, Southwest Asia, the Middle East, Indian Ocean, Austral-Asia, and Pacific Island regions.

VR-55 is comprised of Full Time Support (FTS) and Naval Reservists (SELRES) who seamlessly work together to accomplish worldwide logistical support. Currently they operate five C-130T aircraft. On any given day these five aircraft are dispatched globally in support of U.S. Navy operational tasking. In the spring of 2010 VR-55 participated in the Haiti relief effort, transporting supplies to those affected by the disaster.

The squadron is located at Naval Air Station Point Mugu which is approximately 45 miles north of Los Angeles, near Oxnard, California


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