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VQ-2 Sandeman EP-3 (Ranger 21 -1980s) Model


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VQ-2 Sandeman EP-3 (Ranger 21 -1980s) Model

Recreate your memories from VQ-2 with this replica EP-3 model (Ranger 21). Each model is carefully crafted from wood to give you a piece that will always be treasured.

VQ-2 was commissioned on 1 September 1955 as Electronic Countermeasures Squadron TWO (ECMRON TWO), originally home ported at the NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco. In January 1960, the squadron transferred to its present homeport, NS Rota, Spain and was renamed Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron TWO (VQ-2).

Over the years the squadron has flown the P4M-1Q, the EC-121M Super Constellation, the A3D-1Q and the EA-3B Sky warrior. In July 1971 the squadron took delivery of the first P-3 Orion based EP-3E ARIES aircraft. The ARIES were upgraded to ARIES II beginning in 1991. Today VQ-2’s P-3E’s are Sensor System Improvement Program version 3.2.

Since establishment, VQ-2 has collected intelligence on areas and units of naval and national interest in Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern Theatres. VQ-2/Naval Support Group Activity plays an integral role in the War on Terrorism, combat action, crisis operations and peacetime intelligence collection.

Since 2001, VQ-2 has flown in Operations Southern Watch, Northern Watch, Mountain Lion, Mountain Sweep, Joint Guardian, Joint Force, Enduring Freedom and Dolphin Eagle. Most recently VQ-2 saw extensive overland combat action in Operations IRAQI FREEDOM and ENDURING FREEDOM. VQ-2 flies from operational detachments to such places as NAS Souda Bay, Crete, Greece; NSA Bahrain, Oman; Curacao, Netherlands Antilles and Incirlik, Turkey.


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