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VP-90 Lions P-3B (152754) Model


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VP-90 Lions P-3B (152754) Model

Fly with the VP-90 Lions again in this P-3B model that has been carefully carved and painted to provide a unique piece!

VP-90 was a Patrol Squadron of the U.S. Navy Reserve. The squadron was established on 1 November 1970 at NAS Glenview, Illinois, where it was based for the rest of its life. It was disestablished on 30 September 1994, after 25 years of service. The squadron’s nickname was the Lions from 1974 onward. Elements of the squadron made 22 major overseas deployments

1 Nov 1970: VP-90 was established at NAS Glenview, as a Naval Air Reserve land-based patrol squadron flying 12 SP-2H Neptunes. The new squadron came under the operational and administrative control of Commander, Naval Air Reserve Forces, Atlantic, and Commander, Fleet Air Reserve Wings, Atlantic. VP-90 was established as a result of a major reorganization of the Naval Air Reserve that took place in mid-1970. Under the Reserve Force Squadron concept 12 land-based naval reserve patrol squadrons were formed and structured along the lines of regular Navy squadrons with nearly identical organization and manning levels. The 12/2/1 concept had 12 VP squadrons under two commands, COMFAIRESWINGLANT and COMFAIRESWINGPAC. These two commands came under the control of one central authority, Commander Naval Air Reserve.
1 July 1975: VP-90 was transferred from the administrative and operational control of Commander Reserve Patrol Wing Atlantic to Commander Reserve Patrol Wing Pacific, based at NAS Moffett Field, California.
May 1981: While on a WestPac ADT deployment, VP-90 participated in the successful rescue of 55 Vietnamese boat people in the South China Sea. Crews involved received the Humanitarian Service Medal from the Secretary of the Navy for this service.
30 September 1994: VP-90 was disestablished at NAS Glenview, Illinois