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VP-6 Blue Sharks P-3 Tail


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VP-6 Blue Sharks P-3 Tail

Looking for a perfect piece of wall art for your Goat Locker? Each piece is meticulously shaped and painted to match the vertical stabilizer of the P-3 Orion. Build custom or buy in stock – either way, you’ll get a perfect piece for your wall.

Size: 20 inches

Established as Bombing Squadron ONE HUNDRED
FORTY-SIX (VB-146) on 15 July 1943.
Redesignated Patrol Bombing Squadron ONE HUN-
DRED FORTY-SIX (VPB-146) on 1 October 1944.
Redesignated Patrol Squadron ONE HUNDRED
FORTY-SIX (VP-146) on 15 May 1946.
Redesignated Medium Patrol Squadron (Landplane)
SIX (VP-ML-6) on 15 November 1946.
Redesignated Patrol Squadron SIX (VP-6) on 1
September 1948, the third squadron to be assigned the
VP-6 designation.
Disestablished on 31 May 1993.


There is no record of an approved insignia for VB-146, VPB-146 or VP-146. The squadron’s first insignia was developed from a design prepared by Bradley Kelly of King Features Syndicate. It was approved by
CNO on 3 June 1947. Since the squadron had transitioned from the PV-2 Harpoon to the P2V-1 Neptune, the design featured the Neptune aircraft straddled by the cartoon charter Popeye, holding an aircraft rocket and a 50-caliber machine gun while flying above the silhouette of a submarine. Colors: inner circle, yellow; outer circle, orange; lettering, yellow; plane, blue; star on plane, white with red and white stripe; rocket, white with red head; machine gun, black with red flame and white smoke; submarine, black; Popeye, blue sailor pants with yellow belt, black blouse with yellow buttons, red and black collar and blue cuffs and a white cape; pipe, red. This insignia was used by VP-ML-6 only. The squadron’s second insignia was derived from the name “Blue Sharks” based on a 1950 Colliers magazine
article titled “Blue Sharks Off the Red Coastline.”The article described the squadron’s operations off the enemy coast during the Korean War. The shark, “Mano” in Hawaiian, is regarded as a fierce warrior and hunter. It patrols the ocean, searching for prey and protecting its territory. The insignia portrayed a blue shark, arching over a splash in the sea where ordnance had obviously just been dropped. The
squadron designation was inside scrollwork at the bottom of the circular patch. Colors: shark, blue with white highlighting; background, white; left quadrant of patch blue with white stars; water blue, with white splash from dropped depth charge; scroll at bottom, blue with orange letters and piping. The insignia was approved with modifications by CNO on 7 October 1952. A “streamlined” design without any significant changes was submitted to CNO a decade later and approved as the new official insignia on 26 December 1962. Nickname: Blue Sharks, 1950–1993.


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