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VP-26 Tridents (1970s) P-3B Model,Mahogany Scale Model


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VP-26 Tridents P-3B (1970s) Model

A VP-26 Tridents P-3C made from solid wood and meticulously painted to mirror the actual paint scheme of that particular aircraft. Length 18 inches.

A patrol squadron is a diverse element of the United States Navy that performs a wide array of missions and provides a valuable asset for the Fleet. We are hunters who serve as the eyes and ears of the United States Navy. By patrolling in advance of the Fleet’s arrival or in its surrounding environment, potential enemies are located and, when armed, we are ready to engage on the Fleet’s behalf.

Patrol Squadrons also serve as a strategic deterrent to crisis and conflict and when called, closely monitor adversaries around the world. Furthermore, we provide valuable infromation required by theater Commanders to support decisions regarding possible courses of action. We proudly hunt at great distance and with great endurance, often from remote sites with little support required, frequently serving alongside our naval comrades, sister services, agencies and allies.

The diverse service of maritime patrol requires that we perform many specific tasks. These include Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, Offensive and Defensive Mine Delivery, Sea Surveillance and Maritime Intelligence Collection, Coastal and Overland Reconnaissance, Targeting for strikes, Counter-drug Detection and Monitoring, Electronic Warfare, Battle Damage Assessment, and Search and Rescue. In all of these missions, with all of these services we perform, one thing remains constant:

Patrol Squadron Two Six “Team Trident” is at the ready, supporting the mission of Surveillance and Engagement . . . anytime . . . anywhere!

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