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VP-24 Batmen P-3c (156509 1976) Model,Mahogany Scale Model


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VP-24 Batmen P-3c (156509) 1976) Model

Capture what it was like to be a VP-24 Batmen with this carefully carved wooden P-3c model.  Each model can proudly be displayed.

  • Length – 18 inches
  • Made from Mahogany
  • US Veteran Owned Business

We can match any paint scheme, so please don’t hesitate to order custom.

Patrol Squadron 24 was a United States Navy “Black Cat” squadron that flew the PBY-5A (patrol bomber) and the consolidated PBY Catalina in the Pacific Theater of Operations of WWII (redesignated as VP-12). VP-24 served in Korean War flying Lockheed P-2 Neptune patrol planes. Later, they flew P-3 Orion aircraft. Other redesignations included the highly decorated VB-104 and VPB-104 during and VP-104 just after the war and VA-HM-13, returning to VP-24 Batmen before it was disestablished on April 30, 1995 as part of the post Cold War drawdown of forces.


Squadron Insignia and Nickname

The first squadron insignia on record was designedfor VP-HL-4 and was approved by CNO on 9 July1947. The theme of the design was based on the Bat, or Special Weapons Ordnance Device (SWOD) Mark 9, a cular field of blue there was a silhouette of a PB4Y-2 Privateer, the aircraft assigned to the squadron. Colors: background, medium blue; bat, yellow; bat’s eyes and mouth, red; bomb, white; lightning bolts, white; aircraft silhouette, white; letters, red. The insignia remained in use from 1946 to 1948. The second squadron insignia was submitted when the mission of the squadron changed from Bat glide

bombs to ASW, reconnaissance and antishipping,

The squadron’s first insignia used the bat as its theme in recognition of it capability to launch the Bat missile. radio-controlled glide bomb assigned to the squadron in 1946. Although the weapon was redesignated ASMN-2 after the war, it was still affectionately called the Bat by the few squadrons carrying it. The design consisted of a yellow bat superimposed on a large red on a circular field of blue. The bat, clutching a large bomb, and with lightning flashing from its eyes, signified the mission of the squadron and the electronic nature of the device. In the upper left of the cir-


The second insignia continued the bat theme utilizing a Batgirl design. Batmen, that permission was requested to retain the symbolism in the new design. Upon approval by CNO on 23 January 1951, this insignia became unique as the only authorized naval squadron insignia displaying a member of the female sex. The Batgirl was depicted leaning against a heraldic shield superimposed over a naval officer’s sword. On the shield was a homing torpedo suspended by parachute over a periscope emerging from the ocean depths. Colors: Batgirl, black wings and outfit; skin, flesh color; shield, red border

with white background; sea, blue; periscope, white;torpedo, black and white with red parachute; sword, red pommel and blade with gold tassel; VP-24 letters, black on white background in scroll at bottom of design. The insignia was used by VP-24 from 1951 until the squadron was disestablished in 1995.

Nicknames: Buccaneers, 1943–1945

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