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VP-23 Seahawks P2V7 (148350) Model,Mahogany Scale Model


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VP-23 Seahawks P2v7 (148350) Model

Proudly display a VP-23 Seahwks P2-V7 model and show your Naval Aviation legacy!  Each model is carefully crafted from solid wood and meticulously painted to match vintage paint schemes. Size 18 inches.

*Price includes clear pieces on search light and nose.

Established as Weather Reconnaissance Squadron THREE (VPW-3) on 17 May 1946. Redesignated Meteorology Squadron THREE (VPM-3) on 15 November 1946. Redesignated Heavy Patrol Squadron (Landplane) THREE (VP-HL-3) on 8 December 1947, the second squadron to be assigned the VP-HL-3 designation. Redesignated Patrol Squadron TWENTY THREE (VP-23) on 1 September 1948, the third squadron to be assigned the VP-23 designation. Disestablished on 28 February 1995.

The squadron’s first insignia was approved by CNO on 10 February 1949, shortly after it had been redesignated VP-23. The rather complex design featured two signal flags: one containing the helmet and baton of the “Patrolman,” the other an umbrella. Both flags were pendants on a mast with a cloud background, pierced by a lightning bolt. The elements of the insignia portrayed the dual mission of the squadron at that time, which was antisubmarine and antishipping warfare combined with weather patrolling with a light green umbrella with brown handle. VP-23 changed its insignia, with CNO approval on 5 March 1953, to a design more in keeping with its primary mission of antisubmarine warfare. The central figure of the design was a sea hawk,
clutching in its claws a depth charge and a mine. The squadron submitted a third, more modern design that was approved by CNO on 1 July 1985. It still featured the sea hawk, but rendered it in a streamlined version with the head of the hawk outlined in the center of the design. On the top of the insignia in a scroll was the squadron nickname, Seahawks. On the bottom of the insignia, was a scroll with the squadron designation, Patron-23. Colors: background, gray; beak and eyes, yellow; feathers, white and blue; letters, yellow on blue background, yellow scroll border. Nicknames: Seahawks, 1953–1995.