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VP-23 Seahawks P-3b (1975) Model,Mahogany Scale Model


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VP-23 Seahawks P-3b (1975) Model

Proudly display a VP-23 Seahawks P-3b model and show your Naval Aviation legacy!  Each model is carefully crafted from solid wood and meticulously painted to match vintage paint schemes. This one is from 1976. Size 18 inches.

Established as Weather Reconnaissance Squadron THREE (VPW-3) on 17 May 1946. Redesignated Meteorology Squadron THREE (VPM-3) on 15 November 1946. Redesignated Heavy Patrol Squadron (Landplane) THREE (VP-HL-3) on 8 December 1947, the second squadron to be assigned the VP-HL-3 designation. Redesignated Patrol Squadron TWENTY THREE (VP-23) on 1 September 1948, the third squadron to be assigned the VP-23 designation. Disestablished on 28 February 1995.

The squadron’s first insignia was approved by CNO on 10 February 1949, shortly after it had been redesignated VP-23. The rather complex design featured two signal flags: one containing the helmet and baton of the “Patrolman,” the other an umbrella. Both flags were pendants on a mast with a cloud background, pierced by a lightning bolt. The elements of the insignia portrayed the dual mission of the squadron at that time, which was antisubmarine and antishipping warfare combined with weather patrolling with a light green umbrella with brown handle. VP-23 changed its insignia, with CNO approval on 5 March 1953, to a design more in keeping with its primary mission of antisubmarine warfare. The central figure of the design was a sea hawk,
clutching in its claws a depth charge and a mine. The squadron submitted a third, more modern design that was approved by CNO on 1 July 1985. It still featured the sea hawk, but rendered it in a streamlined version with the head of the hawk outlined in the center of the design. On the top of the insignia in a scroll was the squadron nickname, Seahawks. On the bottom of the insignia, was a scroll with the squadron designation, Patron-23. Colors: background, gray; beak and eyes, yellow; feathers, white and blue; letters, yellow on blue background, yellow scroll border. Nicknames: Seahawks, 1953–1995.

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