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VP-19 Big Red P-3b (153457) Model,Mahogany Scale Model


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VP-19 Big Red P-3b (153457) Model

A VP-19 Big Red P-3b made from solid wood and meticulously painted to mirror the actual paint scheme of that particular aircraft. Length 18 inches. BUNO 153457 Side #1

*Our planes are made from scratch so we can modify accordingly.  Armaments are additional

The third VP-19 held that designation for 45 years, from 1946-1991. Its lineage is as follows:

  • Established as Reserve Patrol Squadron VP-907 on 4 July 1946.
  • Redesignated Medium Patrol Squadron VP-ML-57 on 15 November 1946.
  • Redesignated VP-871 in February 1950.
  • Redesignated VP-19 on 4 February 1953, the third squadron to be assigned the VP-19 designation.
  • Disestablished on 31 August 1991.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 in


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