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VMO-8 Squadron Patch – Sew On


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VMO-8 Squadron Patch – Sew On

A 4.5 inch squadron patch of the VMO-8.

Marine Observation Squadron 8
Marine Observation Squadron 8 was activated 28 December 1944 at Quantico, VA. After a short training period, the squadron departed for the West Coast, arriving at San Diego on 6 March 1945. VMO-8 departed 25 March for Guam, arriving 13 April. The squadron was attached to Marine Aircraft Group 21, but placed under the operational control of V Amphibious Corps. VMO-8 flew spotting missions for V Amphibious Corps Artillery up to the end of the war. VMO-8 was deactivated 30 November 1945 at San Diego.

VMO-8 was reactivated during 1968 at Los Alamitos, CA and assigned to MAG-46, 4th MAW. The new squadron was equipped with the OV-10A “Bronco”. 1970 saw VMO-8 relocate to El Toro, where it would operate for the next six years.

In 1976, the decision was made to relocate VMO-4 from Detroit to Atlanta, and to deactivate VMO-8. VMO-8 was officially deactivated 1 August 1976.

Activated 28 December 1944 at Quantico, VA, as Marine Observation Squadron 8.
Relocated to Miramar, CA during February 1945.
Relocated to Guam during April 1945 and assigned to Marine Aircraft Group 21.
Operated in support of V Amphibious Corps Artillery to end of war.
Deactivated 30 November 1945 at San Diego.
Reactivated at Los Alamitos 1968 and assigned to Marine Aircraft Group 46, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, US Marine Corps Reserve.
Relocated to El Toro, CA during 1970.
Deactivated 1 August 1976.
Nicknames: “Eagles” (ca. 1972)
ID Code: 7L (1966-68); 5L (1968-72); QN (1972-76)
Aircraft: OY-1 (WW2); OV-10A (1969-76)


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