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VFA-204 River Rattlers Patch – Plastic Backing


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VFA-204 River Rattlers Patch – No Hook and Loop

A 4″ inch no Hook and Loop patch of the VFA-204 River Rattlers.

Lineage: Established as Attack Squadron TWO HUNDRED FOUR (VA-204) on 1 July 1970. Redesignation Strike Fighter Squadron TWO HUNDRED FOUR (VFA-204) on 1 May 1991. It is the first squadron to be assigned the VA-204 and VFA-204 designation.
Squadron Insignia and Nickname The squadron’s insignia was approved by CNO on 31 August 1970. Colors for the insignia are: a yellow background outlined in red; white scroll outlined in red with blue lettering; green bomb outlined in black, with a yellow band on the nose and white markings on the fin; tan snake with green diamond and white markings, the underside of the snake is yellow with black markings; white fangs outlined in black; a red tongue with a dark pink mouth, outlined in red and a yellow eye with a red pupil; the entire snake is outlined in black. Nickname: River Rattlers,

Chronology of Significant Events 1 Jul 1970: VA-204 was a reserve squadron established as part of a reorganization intended to increase the combat readiness of the Naval Air Reserve Force. May 1972: The squadron participated in exercise Exotic Dancer V, designed to test multiservice operations under a unified command organization. Feb 1980: VA-204 participated in a combined NATO forces exercise conducted near NAS Bermuda called Safe Passage.

Home Port Assignments
Location Assignment Date NAS Memphis 01 Jul 1970 NAS New Orleans Jan 1978

Commanding Officers
Date Assumed Command CDR A. R. Scharff, Jr. 01 Jul 1970 CDR Theodore B. Hannah 01 Jul 1972 CDR Sidney C. Dabbs 12 Jan 1974 CDR Kenneth C. Juergens 12 Jul 1975 CDR James S. Greenwood 15 Feb 1977 CDR Norris J. Flagler 23 Sep 1978 CDR James A. Cook 22 Mar 1980 CDR Edwin R. Phelps III 24 Oct 1981 CDR Joseph A. Chronic 08 Jan 1983 CAPT Kenneth A. McCluskey 14 Apr 1984 CDR Donald R. Roesh 02 Mar 1985 CDR Robert O. Buschmann 13 Sep 1986 CDR Douglas R. Fischer 19 Mar 1988 CDR Keith R. LaFlair Jul 1989 CDR Ronald J. Roshelli Jul 1990 CDR D. L. Kloeppel Jul 1991

The squadron’s River Rattlers insignia was approved by CNO in 1970.
When the squadron was redesignated, the VA designation in the insignia scroll was changed to VFA.
A squadron A-4L Skyhawk comes in for a landing aboard Saratoga (CV 60).
A squadron A-7E Corsair II comes in for a landing, 1984.

Aircraft Assignment
Type of Aircraft Date Type First Received A-4C 01 Jul 1970 A-4L Aug 1970 A-7B 15 Mar 1978 A-7E Jun 1986 F/A-18A Apr 1991
Air Wing Assignments
Air Wing Tail Code Assignment Date CVWR-20 AF 01 Jul 1970
Unit Awards Received
Unit Award Inclusive Dates Covering Unit Award NAVE 01 Jan 1984 31 Dec 1984
A squadron A-7E Corsair II flies over New Orleans, Louisiana, 1984.
A squadron F/A-18A Hornet, 1992 (Courtesy Robert Lawson Collection).