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VFA-203 Blue Dolphin Plaque


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VFA-203 Blue Dolphins Plaque

Hang a beautifully carved 14 inch plaque of the VFA-203 Blue Dolphins in your goat locker.

VFA-203 was part of Reserve Carrier Air Wing TWENTY (CVWR-20) at NAS Cecil Field, with local Reserve-specific administrative support provided by Naval Air Reserve Jacksonville (NAVAIRES JAX) as the Local Area Coordinator for Air (LACAIR) for RESFORONs at NAS Jacksonville, NAS Cecil Field and NS Mayport.
In May 1972, the VA-203 deployed to NAS Oceana to participate in exercise Exotic Dancer V, designed to test multiservice operations under a unified command organization. On 1 December 1977, the squadron moved from NAS Jacksonville to NAS Cecil Field, Florida.[1] In February 1980, the squadron participated in a combined NATO forces exercise conducted at NAS Bermuda.
Transitioning to the A-7E Corsair II in 1983, VA-203’s primary mission was to provide contributory support to the fleet, and to be ready to deploy to an aircraft carrier during a crisis as an activated reserve light attack squadron. Following its transition to the F/A-18 Hornet, it was to be ready to deploy as an activated reserve strike-fighter squadron. A further mission was to act as adversaries to active duty Fleet fighter and strike fighter squadrons being trained for deployment.[2] In 1993, the squadron began training its pilots in the fleet adversary role. It moved to NAS Atlanta, Georgia in October 1996 in advanced of the 1999 BRAC closure of NAS Cecil Field.[2] Wiki