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VF-14 / VFA-14 Tophatters Squadron Patch – Sew on


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VF-14 / VFA-14 Tophatters Squadron Patch – Sew on

A 4 inch squadron patch of the VF-14 / VFA-14 Tophatters

The Strike Fighter Squadron 14 (VFA-14) “Tophatters” are a United States Navy fighter attack squadron based at Naval Air Station Lemoore. They fly the F/A-18E Super Hornet, and are the Navy’s oldest active squadron, having formed in 1919. Their callsign is Camelot, and their tail code is NG.

Since its inception the squadron has flown 23 different type aircraft, had its designation changed fourteen times, operated from 20 different aircraft carriers (and several battleships) and had 81 commanding officers (the 82nd is now in command).

Over the years the squadron has been assigned many different missions, including patrol and observation in its early years, and scouting, attack, fighter, bombing and forward air control missions when it became associated with carrier-based operations. The squadron adopted the classic Top Hat as its squadron patch and called themselves the “High Hats”.


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