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VC-2 Blue Falcons Squadron Patch – Sew on


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VC-2 Blue Falcons Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing

FLECOMPRON TWO (VU-2) was originally a Utility Squadron FOUR Detachment stationed at Quonset Point, Rhode Island. On January 8, 1952 demand for utility services had grown to the point where VU-4’s Quonset Point detachment was redesignated Utility Squadron TWO (VU-2). LCDR Carlton Soderholm, USN was the first Blue Falcon Commanding Officer.

Before January 18, 1952, VU-4 Detachment Quonset Point, Rhode Island redesignated Utility Squadron TWO (VU-2). July 1, 1965, VU-2 was redesignated Navy Fleet Support Squadron TWO (VC-2). September 30, 1980, Navy Fleet Support Squadron TWO, Blue Falcons, was disestablished.

VU-2’s mission was to train aircraft controllers and ship gun crews; provide flights to assist in the completion of functional radar tests for Atlantic Fleet and NATO naval units; conduct of transition training in the FS aircraft for newly designated aviators; and aerial combat maneuvering flights in conjunction with fleet fighter squadron combat readiness training.

The newly commissioned squadron had a complement of 30 officers and 185 enlisted men operating the Douglas JD-1 “Invader” and Grumman F9F “Cougar.” VU-2 pilots towed bright red and white targets past firing batteries of U. S. ships from Maine to Puerto Rico. Cougars flew high-speed intercepts for stations and ships in the Atlantic Fleet

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