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VC-12 Fighting Omars Squadron Patch


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4″ x 4.5″ patch

On 1 September 1973, at NAF Detroit, Michigan, the current squadron was established as VC-12, the Navy’s first Reserve Fleet Composite Squadron. The squadron employed the single seat A-4 Skyhawk and dual seat TA-4Js in providing multiple support services, including air intercept and dissimilar air combat maneuvering (ACM) training for Atlantic and Pacific fleet units.

In 1975, VC-12 moved to its current home at NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia. In June 1988, VC-12 was re-designated Fighter Squadron Composite Twelve (VFC-12) to more accurately describe the squadron’s mission of Dissimilar Air Combat Training.

In 1994 the unit transitioned to the F/A-18A/B Hornet. In 2004, the A’s were upgraded to the A+, which included upgraded mission computers and weapons capabilities. In 2006, VFC-12 traded these F/A-18 A+ models (which had low arrested landing fatigue life) for F/A-18C’s from VFA-87. Finally in 2012, VFC-12 traded jets again with VFA-87 so they are now flying the F/A-18A+.