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VAQ-132 Scorpions KA-3b Model


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VAQ-132 Scorpions KA-3b Model

Recreate your memories from the Scorpions of VAQ-132 with this replica EA-3 model. Each model is carefully crafted from wood to give you a piece that will always be treasured. Approx 18 inches long.

In November 1968, VAH-2 was redesignated as Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 132 (VAQ-132) and transitioned to the EKA-3B. In January 1971, they received the EA-6B Prowler and became the first operational squadron to transition to the new aircraft.[3]

On 7 November 2008, VAQ-132 held their ceremonial last flight in the Grumman EA-6B Prowler and began the transition to the brand-new, Boeing EA-18G Growler in February 2009 with flight certification in mid-2009. Initial operational capability (IOC) was achieved on 22 September 2009, making them the first operational EA-18G squadron.[4]

On 5 August 2009, EA-18Gs from VAQ-132 and Electronic Attack Squadron 129 (VAQ-129) completed their first at-sea carrier-arrested landing (trap) aboard the USS Harry S. Truman.[5]

The EA-18G was first used in combat during Operation Odyssey Dawn by supporting efforts to enforce a UN no-fly-zone over Libya.[6] The five EA-18Gs of VAQ-132 were redeployed from Iraq to Italy to support Libya operations.[7]

A3D-2Q (EA-3B): 24 electronic warfare versions with pressurized compartment in former weapon bay for one Electronic Warfare Officer and three ESM operators, various sensors. This was the longest serving version of the “Whale” and the most widely known throughout the fleet. Some early models had tail guns, but these were replaced with the ECM tail. The EA-3B was assigned to fleet reconnaissance squadrons VQ-1 (Japan and later Guam) and VQ-2 (Rota. Spain) where they flew alongside the Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star and the EP-3B and EP-3E. It served in the fleet for almost 40 years, and was replaced by the ES-3A Shadow flown by two Fleet Air Reconnaissance (VQ) squadrons: VQ-5 at NAS North Island, California and VQ-6 at NAS Cecil Field, Florida.

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