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VAH-8 Fireballers CVA-64 USS Constellation 1967 A3D/A-3B Skywarrior Model, 1/50th Scale


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VAH-8 Fireballers CVA-64 USS Constellation 1967 A-3 Model

Fly with the Fireballers of VAH-8 again in this A-3B Model. Each model is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a unique piece you’ll love.

Length – 18 inches

Established as Heavy Attack Squadron EIGHT (VAH-8) on 1 May 1957. Disestablished on 17 January 1968. The first squadron to be assigned the VAH-8 designation.

The squadron’s insignia was approved by CNO on 29 April 1958.

Nickname: Fireballers, 1959–1968.

On 13 Mar 1960, all nine of the squadron’s A3D-2 Skywarriors were launched from the deck of USS Midway (CVA-41), while deployed to WestPac, and flew a formation trans-Pacific flight of 4,800 miles to their home port of NAS Whidbey Island. Refueling stops were made at NAS Barbers Point and NAS Alameda. The total flight time was 10.9 hours and the aircraft arrived at NAS Whidbey Island on 15 March.

On 13 Mar 1962 during exercise Potshot, squadron A3Ds were launched from USS Midway carrying Marine Corps paratroopers who were dropped on a target site at Camp Pendleton

12 Dec 1963: The squadron’s commanding officer, Commander C. E. Guthrie, was killed in an aircraft accident. His aircraft, while returning to NAS Cubi Point from a training flight, crashed into Mount Silanguin. The crewmembers, Lieutenant Ray G. English and ATCS Russell J. Marshall were also killed in the accident.
Apr 1965: The squadron participated in its first combat operations. Bombing missions were performed against targets such as army camps and marshalling yards during the combat deployment. Air-to-air refueling sorties for attack and fighter aircraft were also flown.

May–Jun 1966: The squadron’s A-3B aircraft left Constellation (CVA 64), in late May while in Hawaii,
and flew to Cubi Point to await the arrival of Constellation. During the period prior to the carriers
arrival in the Philippines, the squadron’s aircraft flew operations in support of Yankee Team from Ranger
(CVA 61) and Enterprise (CVAN 65). During the deployment, the squadron’s primary mission was combat
aerial refuelling in support of CVW-15 and other units flying missions in North Vietnam.


Launches a Douglas A3D Skywarrior from VAH-8, piloted by Captain James R. Reedy, USN, LEXINGTON’s commanding officer, from the port steam “cat” on 17 August 1958.

VAH-8 USS Lexington National Archives

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