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VA-97 Warhawks A-7e Corsair II (311) Model


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VA-97 Warhawks A-7e Corsair II (311) Model

Fly with the Warhawks of the VA-97 in this handcrafted A-7 Corsair II model. Each piece is carved from wood and handpainted to provide a piece you’ll love.

  • Length- 18 inches
  • Made from Mahogany
  • US Veteran Owned Business

Established as Attack Squadron NINETY SEVEN (VA97) on 1 June 1967. Redesignated Strike Fighter Squadron NINETY SEVEN (VFA-97) on 24 January 1991. The first squadron to be assigned the VA-97 and VFA-97 designation.

The squadron’s insignia was approved by the CNO on 6 March 1968. Colors for the hawk and shield insignia are as follows: background light blue outlined in black; gold scroll outlined in black with
black lettering; black hawk with gold markings, a gold beak, red tongue and eye; dark blue shield with a gold trident, both outlined in
black; gray knight’s helmet with a blue and gold crest and blackmarkings.
Nickname: Warhawks, 1968-present

28 Jun 1968: The squadron conducted its first combat missions.

4 Feb–7 Mar 1971: The squadron embarked in Enterprise (CVAN 65) for the ship’s transit around South America to her new home port on the west coast.

Dec 1971: Following the outbreak of war between India and Pakistan over East Pakistan (Bangladesh), Enterprise (CVAN 65) was ordered to leave Yankee Station for operations in the Indian Ocean. The carrier, with Air Wing 14 embarked, operated in the Bay of Bengal until the cessation of hostilities in the latter part of December.

Oct 1972: Squadron aircraft participated in Linebacker I operations, heavy air strikes against targets in North Vietnam to interdict the flow of supplies into South Vietnam.
Dec 1972: The squadron participated in Linebacker II operations, an intensified version of Linebacker I. Feb 1975: Enterprise, with CVW-14, provided disaster support for the island country of Mauritius following a tropical storm.
Apr 1975: The squadron participated in Operation Frequent Wind and provided air support for the evacuation of personnel from Saigon as it fell to the communists.

Feb 1977: During the crisis in Uganda and threats against Americans in that country, Enterprise operated off the coast of Kenya ready to evacuate Americans.
Dec 1979: Coral Sea (CV 43) operated off the coastof South Korea following the assassination of South Korea’s President Park Chung-Hee in late October.
Apr 1980: Coral Sea was part of the task force involved in supporting the Iranian hostage rescueattempt.
May 1980: Following civil unrest in South Korea, Coral Sea operated off the coast of that country.

Aug 1983: Due to the unsettled conditions in Central America, Coral Sea operated off the coast of Nicaragua and also participated in surveillance for illegal drug traffic.
Aug 1986: The squadron participated in carrier tactical
flight operations in the Bering Sea.
Jul 1988: During the Olympics in Seoul, Korea, Carl Vinson (CVN 70), with VA-97 embarked, operated off the coast of Korea.

Commanding Officers
Date Assumed Command
CDR Richard P. Vaillancourt 28 Jul 1967
CDR Leroy M. Kraft 27 Feb 1969
CDR James E. Doolittle 19 Dec 1969
CDR Robert B. Arnold 16 Dec 1970
CDR Hugh F. Lynch 27 Dec 1971
CDR Robert C. Coffey 15 Dec 1972
CDR Bert D. Terry 29 Mar 1974
CDR Robert P. Nicolls 26 Jun 1975
CDR John F. Murray 17 Sep 1976
CDR Rex R. Arnett, Jr. 22 Nov 1977
CDR John M. McGrath 11 Jan 1979
CDR David L. Carroll 29 Mar 1980
CDR Michael L. Bowman 06 Jun 1981
CDR Thomas L. McClelland 21 Sep 1982
CDR Norman L. Westerbuhr 03 Feb 1984
CDR Joseph W. Parker, Jr. 20 Sep 1985
CDR T. Barry McFarland 27 Mar 1987
CDR Michael F. Winkler 31 Jul 1988
CDR James T. Noland, Jr. 11 Jan 1990

Aircraft Assignment
Type of Aircraft Date Type First Received
A-7A Oct 1967
A-7E Jul 1970
F/A-18A 22 Feb 1991

29 May 1968 31 Jan 1969 CVW-14 CVA 64 A-7A WestPac/Vietnam
11 Aug 1969 08 May 1970 CVW-14 CVA 64 A-7A WestPac/Vietnam
11 Jun 1971 12 Feb 1972 CVW-14 CVAN 65 A-7E WestPac/
12 Sep 1972 12 Jun 1973 CVW-14 CVAN 65 A-7E WestPac/Vietnam
17 Sep 1974 20 May 1975 CVW-14 CVAN 65 A-7E WestPac/IO
30 Jul 1976 28 Mar 1977 CVW-14 CVN 65 A-7E WestPac/IO
04 Apr 1978 30 Oct 1978 CVW-14 CVN 65 A-7E WestPac/IO
13 Nov 1979 11 Jun 1980 CVW-14 CV 43 A-7E WestPac/IO
20 Aug 1981 23 Mar 1982 CVW-14 CV 43 A-7E WestPac/IO
21 Mar 1983 12 Sep 1983 CVW-14 CV 43 A-7E World Cruise
13 Oct 1984 24 May 1985 CVW-15 CVN 70 A-7E NorPac/
12 Aug 1986 05 Feb 1987 CVW-15 CVN 70 A-7E NorPac/
15 Jun 1988 14 Dec 1988 CVW-15 CVN 70 A-7E NorPac/
05 Sep 1989 09 Nov 1989 CVW-15 CVN 70 A-7E NorPac/WestPac
01 Feb 1990 31 Jul 1990 CVW-15 CVN 70 A-7E WestPac/IO