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VA-95 Sky Knights Squadron Patch – Sew On


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VA-95 Sky Knights Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing

The second VA-95 was an Attack Squadron of the U.S. Navy, and was the second of three unrelated squadrons to bear that designation. It was established on 26 March 1952, and disestablished on 1 April 1970. The squadron’s nickname was the Skyknights from 1957-1963, and the Green Lizards thereafter.

Operational history
January 1963: The squadron participated in cross deck operations with the British carrier HMS Hermes (R12) while operating in the western Pacific.
May 1963: Following the military losses of Lao neutralists to the Pathet Lao on the Plain of Jars, Laos, USS Ranger transited to the South China Sea to support possible operations in Laos.
November 1964–April 1965: The squadron participated in support for photo reconnaissance missions and conducted strikes against targets in Laos.
7 February 1965: Following the Attack on Camp Holloway in Pleiku, South Vietnam, the President ordered Operation Flaming Dart, a reprisal strike against North Vietnam. The squadron’s target was the Vit Thu Lu Barracks. However, the strike turned back due to poor weather conditions.
11 February 1965: Squadron aircraft participated in Flaming Dart II, retaliatory strikes against the Chanh Hoa military barracks near Đồng Hới, North Vietnam.
March 1965: The squadron participated in Operation Rolling Thunder strikes against the Phu Qui ammunition depot in North Vietnam.
April 1966: The squadron departed Norfolk, Virginia, en route to Vietnam as part of an air wing composed only of attack squadrons.
September 1969: Following a coup that overthrew the Libyan monarchy USS John F. Kennedy cut short its visit to Cannes, France, and departed for operations in the Ionian Sea. The United States later extended diplomatic recognition to the new Libyan government.
Home port assignments
The squadron was assigned to these home ports, effective on the dates shown:

NAS Alameda – 26 Mar 1952
NAS Moffett Field – 08 Mar 1962
NAS Lemoore – 01 Apr 1963
NAS Alameda – 04 Aug 1968
Aircraft Assignment
The squadron first received the following aircraft on the dates shown:

F6F-5 Hellcat – 21 Apr 1952
AD-1 Skyraider – 19 May 1952
AD-4NA Skyraider – 03 Jul 1952
AD-4 Skyraider – Sep 1952
AD-4L Skyraider – Oct 1952
AD-6 Skyraider – Oct 1953
AD-7 Skyraider – Sep 1956
A-4C Skyhawk – 15 Jul 1965
A-4B Skyhawk – 05 Dec 1965
A-4C Skyhawk – Sep 1968

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