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VA-93 Blue Blazers Squadron Patch –Sew On


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VA-93 Blue Blazers Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing

A squadron patch of the VA-93 Blue Blazers Squadron with plastic backing.

4″ patch

VA-93 was an Attack Squadron of the U.S. Navy. It was established as Fighter Squadron VF-93 on 26 March 1952, and redesignated as VA-93 on 15 September 1956. It was disestablished 30 years later on 31 August 1986. The squadron’s nickname was the Blue Blazers from 1954 to 1976 and the Ravens thereafter.

May 1963: Following the military losses of the Lao neutralist to the Pathet Lao in the Plaine de Jarres, Laos, USS Ranger (CV-61) transited to the South China Sea to support possible operations in Laos.
15 Oct 1963: The squadron established a Detachment Q for deployment aboard the anti-submarine carrier USS Bennington (CVS 20) to provide daylight fighter protection for the ASW aircraft. The detachment flew A-4B Skyhawks.
7 Feb 1965: Following a Viet Cong attack against the American advisors compound at Pleiku, South Vietnam, a reprisal strike, named Operation Flaming Dart, was ordered by President Johnson. VA-93 participated in this strike, but upon reaching the target, the military barracks at Vit Thu Lu, the mission was aborted due to the weather.
11 Feb 1965: Participated in Operation Flaming Dart II, retaliatory strikes against the military barracks at Chanh Hoa, North Vietnam.
15 Mar 1965: Participated in Operation Rolling Thunder strikes against ammunition storage area in Phu Qui, North Vietnam.
May–Oct 1972: Participated in Operation Linebacker, heavy air strikes against targets in North Vietnam to reduce that country’s ability to continue the war effort in South Vietnam.
Apr 1975: Participated in Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of American personnel from Saigon, South Vietnam as the country fell to the communists.
Aug–Sep 1976: Operated near the Korea Peninsula following the Axe murder incident.
Nov–Dec 1979: In response to the seizure of the American Embassy and its staff, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, USS Midway (CV-41) operated in the Arabian Sea.
May–Jun 1980: Following the Kwangju Massacre in South Korea, Midway operated off the coast of South Korea until the crisis had subsided.
Dec 1981: Following unrest in Korea, Midway operated off the coast of South Korea for several days.

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