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VA-83 Rampagers (1980) A-7e Corsair II Model, LTV, 1/31 Mahogany Scale Model, Navy


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VA-83 Rampagers A-7e (1980)

Proudly display the perfect trophy from your time at VA-83 with the A-7e model with a full weapons load.  The paint scheme mirrors the Rampagers of 1980.


  • Length – 18 inches / Wingspan: 15 inches
  • Made from Mahogany
  • US Veteran Owned Business


*Price includes full weapons load.  If not desired, the cost will be reduced by $25.

In June 1970, VA-83 transitioned to the A-7 Corsair II and was reassigned to Carrier Air Wing Seventeen (CVW-17). From January 1971 to November 1982 VA-83 deployed eight times aboard the Forrestal to the Mediterranean Sea. In 1973, the squadron won its third CNO Aviation Safety Award and in March 1974 they began their 14th Mediterranean Sea deployment.

From July to August 1974, the squadron operated in the vicinity of Cyprus following a coup in that country and its invasion by Turkish forces. In 1975 they completed their 25th year as an active squadron, and had amassed 20,000 accident free flight hours which earned them another CNO Safety Award. Between 1975 and 1982 they made three deployments, including training operations with NATO allies in the North Atlantic.

From May to June 1981 while embarked in Forrestal, VA-83 operated in the eastern Mediterranean following Israeli reprisal raids against Syrian missile batteries located in southern Lebanon. In Aug 1981, the squadron participated in a Freedom of Navigation Exercise in the Gulf of Sidra. During this exercise two F-14 Tomcats from Nimitz shot down two Libyan SU-22 Fitters on 18 August. Tensions escalated and VA-83 flew reconnaissance missions over potentially hostile Libyan ships. In 1982 they deployed to support peacekeeping forces in Lebanon. Between 1984 and 1994 VA-83 and CVW-17 were assigned for six deployments to the USS Saratoga. During the 1985-1986 cruise they supported operations in the Indian Ocean as well as operations in the Mediterranean Sea and Operation El Dorado Canyon against Libya. Squadron aircraft fired AGM-88 HARMs against a Libyan missile radar site, marking the first use of that missile in combat.


1987 marked their final deployment with the Corsair, and in November they began the transition to the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet, and on 1 March 1988 were re-designated to Strike Fighter Squadron VFA-83.



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