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VA-55 Warhorses Plaque


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VA-55 Warhorses Plaque

A beautifully carved 14 inch solid wood plaque of the VA-55 Warhorses!   Show your aviation lineage with truly artistic craftsmanship of the Navy’s finest symbols.

The use of naval aviation insignia is a modern form of heraldry that dates back to the early period of naval aviation in the 1920’s and captures many proud moments of its history. The practice fosters a sense of pride, unit cohesion and contributes to high morale, esprit de corps and professionalism within the community. It also serves as an effective means of preserving a command’s tradition, continuity of purpose and recognition, as traced through its lineage. The following rules are provided to ensure that all command insignia and slogans are in keeping with the highest traditions of the proud naval aviation heritage.

The squadron’s first insignia was not submitted or approved by CNO. This insignia was a horned black cat, grasping a rat, astride a torpedo. The colors were:a red background with a
black cat; the cat’s face, claws and horns were red; the rat had a yellow face and a red body; the torpedo had a yellow nose and tail section with a red center and black markings; and the word Torpcats was black. On 10 July 1946, a new squadron insignia was approved by CNO. The insignia design was the face of a cat grasping atorpedo in its mouth. Colors were: a lemon yellow background; a blue cat’s head with green eyes, gray jowls, black nose and whiskers, and white teeth; the torpedo was red with white highlights and outlined in
black. This insignia was used by VT-5, VA-6A and VA-55 until September 1955. On 27 September 1955 a new insignia was approved. The winged seahorse insignia was outlined by alternating
white and dark green square blocks; the upper half of the insignia was turquoise and the lower half dark blue; the waves were highlighted in white; the seahorse was silver with gold wings and highlighted with black markings; the rocket was silver with red tail fins and nose, black markings, and a flame of red and yellow.
Nickname: Torpcats,
Warhorses, 1955–1975.

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