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VA-55 Warhorses A-4F (1975) Skyhawk Model, 1/27th Scale, Mahogany, Navy


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VA-55 Warhorses A-4F (1975) Model

Fly off the USS Hancock in this A-4F of the VA-55 Warhorses. Each model is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a unique treasure you will love to display. 18 inches

154174 went to AMARC in 1994 and then was sold to Argentina

The squadron’s first insignia was not submitted or approved by CNO. This insignia was a horned black cat, grasping a rat, astride a torpedo. The colors were:a red background with a
black cat; the cat’s face, claws and horns were red; the rat had a yellow face and a red body; the torpedo had a yellow nose and tail section with a red center and black markings; and the word Torpcats was black. On 10 July 1946, a new squadron insignia was approved by CNO. The insignia design was the face of a cat grasping atorpedo in its mouth. Colors were: a lemon yellow background; a blue cat’s head with green eyes, gray jowls, black nose and whiskers, and white teeth; the torpedo was red with white highlights and outlined in
black. This insignia was used by VT-5, VA-6A and VA-55 until September 1955. On 27 September 1955 a new insignia was approved. The winged seahorse insignia was outlined by alternating
white and dark green square blocks; the upper half of the insignia was turquoise and the lower half dark blue; the waves were highlighted in white; the seahorse was silver with gold wings and highlighted with black markings; the rocket was silver with red tail fins and nose, black markings, and a flame of red and yellow.
Nickname: Torpcats,
Warhorses, 1955–1975.

30–31 October 1962: Participated in cross deck operations on HMS Victorious in the South China Sea.
April 1963: USS Ticonderoga, with VA-55 embarked, deployed to the South China Sea following several defeats of neutralist forces by the Communists in Laos. After a ceasefire agreement was arranged, the ship resumed normal Seventh Fleet operations on 5 May.
2 and 4 August 1964: The squadron flew air support for USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy while the destroyers were on Desoto Patrol missions (intelligence collection missions begun in 1962) off the coast of North Vietnam.
5 August 1964: VA-55’s A-4s participated in Operation Pierce Arrow, retaliatory strikes against the North Vietnamese. Along with other aircraft from CVG-5, they were part of the mission that struck the Vinh oil storage facility. Ninety percent of the complex was destroyed.
October–November 1964: The squadron continued to operate from Ticonderoga off the coast of South Vietnam and participated in special Yankee Team operations, flying missions over South Vietnam.
3 June 1966: The squadron’s commanding officer, Commander M. J. Chewning, while on a mission over North Vietnam, lost the use of his left arm due to a shrapnel hit. He continued his mission, striking a road target, and then returned to the carrier, making a onehanded carrier landing. For his exploits he was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.
15 June 1966: Lieutenant Commander Theodore F. Kopfman was awarded the Silver Star, in absentia, for his actions on a mission over North Vietnam. During the sortie his aircraft was shot down and he was taken prisoner. He was released by North Vietnam and returned to the United States in 1973.
April 1972: The squadron participated in Operation Freedom Train, tactical air sorties against military and logistic targets in the southern part of North Vietnam. It also provided close air support for forces in South Vietnam following a massive invasion by North Vietnam.
May 1972: Participated in the early phase of Operation Linebacker, heavy air strikes against targets in North Vietnam.
June 1973: Missions were flown in support of Operation End Sweep, the clearing of mines in the territorial waters of North Vietnam.
Oct 1973: With the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, the USS Hancock, with VA-55 embarked, was directed to leave Yankee Station and operate in the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden


*1967-69: VA-93.
*1969-70: VA-125.
*1970: VA-144.
*1970-71: VA-55 as NP-500.
*1971: VA-127.
*1971-72: VA-55 as NP-502.
*1974-75: VA-55 as NP-500.
*1975-79: VMA-134.
*1979: H&MS-46.
*1980: VMA-134 as MF-101.
*1983-90: VMA-133.
*1990: Fighter Weapons School as 55.
*1991: Fighter Weapons School as 53.
*1992-94: VF-126 as NJ-622.
*3/1994: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard.
*4/1997: Sold to the Argentine Air Force for spare parts.
*Restored and coded as C-937.
*Was preserved at the Aerospace Technology Museum in RIO IV, Cordoba Province.
*Currently preserved at the Santa Romana Interforces Regional Museum in Justo Daract, San Luis Province.

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