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VA-45 Black Knights Squadron Patch –Sew On


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VA-45 Black Knights Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing

Lineage: Established as Attack Squadron FORTY FIVE (VA-45) on 1 September 1950. Disestablished on 1 March 1958. The second squadron to be assigned the VA-45 designation.

Squadron Insignia and Nickname The squadron’s insignia was approved by CNO on 10 April 1951. A blackbird in a cocky stance became the focal point of the insignia’s design. Colors for the insignia were: an oval design with a light blue background; black crow and cigar; the bird’s legs, feet and gloves were yellow; red tongue; the cigar ash and shaded area of the gloves were red; white star and spats; green derby; and the lower portion of the insignia had a dark green background with the numbers 4 and 20 in yellow. The numbers 4 and 20 were taken from the
nursery rhyme, “Four and Twenty Blackbirds” and represent the original 24 pilots assigned to the squadron. Nickname: Blackbirds, 1950–1958.
Chronology of Significant Events 13 Jun 1953: The squadron flew its first combat operation while deployed to Korea aboard Lake Champlain (CVA 39).

Home Port Assignments

Location Assignment Date NAS Jacksonville 01 Sep 1950 NAAS Cecil Field 18 Sep 1950 NAS Jacksonville 12 Oct 1952

Commanding Officers
Date Assumed Command LCDR G. O. Wood 01 Sep 1950 LCDR Richard H. Mills 11 Apr 1952 LCDR William F. Krantz Oct 1953 CDR Daniel W. Wildfong Nov 1954 CDR Glendon Goodwin Dec 1955

Aircraft Assignment
Type of Aircraft Date Type First Received AD-2 Sep 1950 AD-4 14 Feb 1952 AD-6 Jun 1954

The well-known 4 and 20 black birds insignia was first used by this squadron.

Air Wing Assignments
Air Wing Tail Code Assignment Date CVG-4 F 01 Sep 1950

Major Overseas Deployments
Date of Date of Air Type of Area of Departure Return Wing Carrier Aircraft Operation 15 May 1951 04 Oct 1951 CVG-4 CV 34 AD-2 Med 19 Apr 1952 12 Oct 1952 CVG-4 CVB 43 AD-4 Med 26 Apr 1953 04 Dec 1953 CVG-4 CVA 39 AD-4 WestPac/Korea 28 May 1955 22 Nov 1955 CVG-4 CVA 11 AD-6 Med 01 Jul 1957 24 Feb 1958 CVG-4 CVA 15 AD-6 Med
Unit Awards Received
Unit Award Inclusive Dates Covering Unit Award KPUC 09 Jun 1953 27 Jul 1953 KSM 09 Jun 1953 27 Jul 1953


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