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VA-35 Black Panthers Squadron Patch –Sew On


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VA-35 Black Panthers Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing

A squadron patch of the VA-35 Black Panthers Squadron with plastic backing.

4″ patch

VA-35, nicknamed the Black Panthers, was a long-lived Attack Squadron of the U.S. Navy. It was the second squadron to be assigned the VA-35 designation.

The squadron was established as Bombing Squadron VB-3B at NAS Norfolk, Virginia, on 1 July 1934. It was subsequently redesignated VB-4 on 1 July 1937, as VA-3A on 15 November 1946, and as VA-34 on 7 August 1948. It was finally designated VA-35 on 15 February 1950 (the first VA-35 had been disestablished on 7 November 1949). The diving black panther design first appeared in mid-1935, and was carried on through the various redesignations of the squadron.[1] VA-35 was disestablished on January 31, 1995 after over 60 years of continuous service.

Pre-World War II
May 1935: USS Ranger and her embarked air group, including VB-3B, participated in Fleet Exercise XVI. This was the first time VB-3B and Ranger participated in a Fleet Exercise.
25 November 1935 – 25 February 1936: A detachment from VB-3B, including six BG-1s, was assigned to Ranger’s Cold Weather Test Detachment and operated aboard Ranger in Alaskan waters.
April–June 1936: The squadron participated in Fleet Problem XVII.
April–May 1937: The squadron participated in Fleet Problem XVIII.
28 May 1937: VB-3B participated in an aerial review celebrating the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge.
July 1937: The squadron, embarked on USS Lexington, participated in the search for Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan.
September 1937: VB-4, embarked on Ranger, visited Lima, Peru, in conjunction with the International Aviation Conference being held there.
March–April 1938: The squadron participated in Fleet Problem XIX.
April–May 1940: The squadron participated in Fleet Problem XXI. This was the last major fleet problem conducted before America’s involvement in World War II.


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