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VA-174 Hellrazors A-7 Tail


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VA-174 Hellrazors A-7 Tail

Add another tail to your collection of the VA-174 Hellrazors in this wooden 20 inch A-7 flash.

Attack Squadron 174 (VA-174) also known as the “Hellrazors” was a United States Navy attack squadron based at Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Florida,[1] and were attached to Light Attack Wing One. The unit has evolved several times throughout its history that dates back to 1944. When it was established in March 1944 the unit was designated VB-81 flying the SB2C Helldiver. It was redesignated VA-13A on 15 November 1946. The unit was redesignated VA-134 on 2 August 1948 flying F-4U Corsairs, and redesignated VF-174 on 15 February 1950. The Hellrazors received their final designation VA-174 on 1 July 1966 after becoming the first US Navy squadron to receive the A-7A Corsair II. It was the second squadron to bear the VA-174 designation, the first VA-174 was disestablished on 25 January 1950. The squadron was disestablished on 30 June 1988.
The nickname “Hellrazors” was conceived by Walt Disney Studios, which also created the squadron’s insignia, a caricature of an imaginary bat-like, razor-beaked creature from Hell, embodying the qualities of ferocity, determination, and a razor sharp skill in the use of aircraft and airborne weapons.