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VA-165 Boomers A-6a (1967) Intruder Model, 1/36th Scale, Mahogany, Navy,


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VA-165 Boomers A-6a (1967) Model

Fly of the USS Ranger with the VA-165 Boomers in this handcrafted A-6a model. Each piece is carved from wood and handpainted to provide a piece you’ll love.  Our models are individually made and not mass produced.


Length: 18 inches

Wingspan: 17.4 inches

A-6A Intruder/Bu. 152901
  • 1967: Delivered to the US Navy.
  • 1967-68: VA-165 as NE-501.
  • 1/26/1968: Shot down near Vinh Airfield, North Vietnam. Or due to unknown causes? Both crewmen were killed.

Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons Volume 1:

Established as Attack Squadron ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE (VA-165) on 1 September 1960.
The first squadron to be assigned the VA-165 designation. Squadron Insignia and
Nickname The squadron’s first insignia was approved by CNO on 24 May
1961. Colors for this insignia were: a silver background with a
white scroll outlined in black, lettering on the scroll was green; brown map outlined in black;
black and white tailhook with a red triangular device at one end; red electron rings circled the
tailhook and the boomerang or wedge shaped device
was green, outlined in black. Sometime in the early 1960s, following the
squadrons transfer to the west coast, a new insignia was adopted. There is
no record of an approval date for this insignia. Colors for the
insignia are: a silver background with green
scrolls and outlined in black; gold lettering and
compass star with black markings on the star;
green boomerang outlined in black; and a
white knight chessman with black markings.

Nickname: Boomers, mid 1960s to present.

Chronology of Significant Events

Nov 1963: Oriskany (CVA 34), with VA-165 embarked, operated in the South China Sea during a crisis in South Vietnam and the coup that overthrew
President Diem.

Feb 1965: The squadron began participation in combat
operations over Laos.

4 Apr 1966: VA-165 deployed to Vietnam as a component of CVW-10 embarked in Intrepid (CVS 11).
This was the first all attack air wing and the first to deploy. Two squadrons flew the A-1 Skyraider and the
other two squadrons flew the A-4 Skyhawk.

26 Jan 1968: The Ranger (CVA 62), with VA-165 embarked, while operating on Yankee Station, was ordered to the Sea of Japan following the capture of
Pueblo (AGER 2) on 23 January by the North Koreans. Ranger and VA-165 operated in the area until relieved on 5 March 1968.

Apr 1969: Following the shoot down of a Navy EC121 aircraft by the North Koreans on 15 April, Ranger
(CVA 61), with VA-165 embarked, left Yankee Station and proceeded to the Sea of Japan for operations off
the coast of Korea.

26 May 1970: The squadron’s commanding officer, Commander F. M. Backman, flew the newest update
version of the A-6 Intruder, the A-6C, into combat for the first time.

Apr 1972: The squadron participated in Operation Freedom Train, tactical air sorties against military and logistic targets in the southern part of North Vietnam.
It also provided support for forces in South Vietnam following a massive invasion by North Vietnam on 1 April 1972.

May 1972: The squadron participated in the early phase of Operation Linebacker I, heavy air strikes
against targets in North Vietnam above 20 degrees north latitude.

Nov 1974: VA-165, part of the CVW-9 team embarked on Constellation (CV 64), operated in the
Persian Gulf. This was the first time in 26 years that an American carrier had entered and operated in the
Persian Gulf.

Mar 1979: Constellation (CV 64), with VA-165 embarked, was ordered to make a high speed transit
to the Indian Ocean from the Philippines in response to the conflict between North and South Yemen.

Oct 1981: The squadron was the first operational A6 unit to deploy with a Harpoon missile capability.

Jul–Aug 1983: Ranger, with VA-165 embarked, was ordered to operate off the coast of Nicaragua in
response to an unstable situation in Central America and the possible invasion of Honduras by Nicaragua.

Oct 1983–Jan 1984: Ranger, with VA-165 embarked, was extended on station in the Arabian Sea due to the
Iranian threat to block oil exports from the Persian

Sep 1988: Nimitz (CVN 68), with VA-165 embarked, operated in the Sea of Japan in support of the Summer
Olympic Games in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Nov 1988: Squadron aircraft participated in Earnest Will Operations, the escorting of reflagged Kuwaiti
tankers through the Persian Gulf.