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USS COLUMBUS CG-12 Patch – Sew On


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USS COLUMBUS CG-12 Patch – Sew On

A 4.5 inch squadron patch of the USS COLUMBUS CG-12.

The third USS Columbus (CA-74), a Baltimore-class heavy cruiser, was the first ship of the United States Navy named for Columbus, Ohio. She was launched on 30 November 1944 by Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy, Massachusetts; she was sponsored by Mrs. E. G. Meyers; and commissioned on 8 June 1945, Captain Allen Hobbs in command.

As CG-12

USS Columbus in 1963
30 September 1959–31 January 1975

On 30 September 1959, the USS Columbus was retrofitted as an Albany class Guided Missile Cruiser, joining USS Albany (CG-10) and USS Chicago (CG-11) as the only three ships of this line, and reclassified CG-12. USS Columbus (CG-12) was subsequently recommissioned on 1 December 1962 (following a much shorter conversion period than either Chicago or Albany), though a year and half long work-up and testing of her new weapons system delayed her first deployment to the western Pacific until August 1964.

The 1959 Albany-class refit of USS Columbus left CG-12 with the following armaments:

RIM-8 Talos – 2 twin Talos SAM launch systems
Fore: Systems 1 & 2, with one launcher; Aft: Systems 7 & 8, with one launcher
RIM-24 Tartar – 2 twin Tartar SAM launch systems
Starboard: Systems 3 & 5 with MK11 launcher; Port: Systems 4 & 6 with MK11 launcher
Anti-Submarine – 1 eight-tube ASROC system
Torpedoes – 2 triple-tube Mk-32 torpedo systems
two open mount 5 in (130 mm) naval guns port and starboard midships


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