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USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) Patch – Plastic Backing


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USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) Patch – Plastic Backing

A squadron patch of the USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) with plastic backing

USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) is the first of the two Blue Ridge-class amphibious command ships of the United States Navy, and is the command ship/flagship of the Seventh Fleet. Her primary role is to provide command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) support to the commander and staff of the United States Seventh Fleet. She is currently forward-deployed to U.S. Navy Fleet Activities, Yokosuka in Japan, and is the third Navy ship named after the Blue Ridge Mountains, a range of mountains in the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern United States. Blue Ridge is the oldest deployable warship of the U.S. Navy, following the decommissioning of USS Denver.[3] Blue Ridge, as the U.S. Navy’s active commissioned ship having the longest total period as active, flies the First Navy Jack instead of the Jack of the United States.[4] Blue Ridge is expected to remain in service until 2039.