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US Navy Chaplain Corps Plaque


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US Navy Chaplain Corps Plaque

A 14 inch carved wood plaque of the United States Navy Chaplin Corps that has been hand painted to be able to perfectly display in the goat locker!

The Chaplain Corps of the United States Navy consists of clergy who are commissioned naval officers. Their principal purpose is to “promote the spiritual, religious, moral, and personal well-being of the members of the Department of the Navy,” which includes the Navy and the United States Marine Corps. Additionally, the Chaplain Corps provides chaplains to its sister sea service, the United States Coast Guard.
They share in the difficulties and rewards of Navy life. The Chaplain Corps consists of clergy endorsed from ecclesiastical bodies, providing assistance for all Navy, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, and Coast Guard personnel and their families. Navy Chaplains come from a variety of religious backgrounds; chaplains are Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist.
Chaplains have non-combatant status and do not have the right to participate directly in hostilities. In the U.S. they are prohibited from carrying weapons. Chaplains are assisted by Navy enlisted personnel in the Religious Programs Specialist (RP) rating, when available. Otherwise, a variety of personnel in the Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard—as applicable—may support unit chaplains. RPs who are combatants, also serve as the armed protection for chaplains in combat and other operational environments. Since RPs are enlisted, the Chaplain Corps, while protective of them, does not “own” the rating. Wiki