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TAW-6 Training Air Wing Six Plaque, Navy, 14″, Mahogany


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TAW-6 Training Air Wing Six Plaque

A 14 inch wood carved plaque of Training Wing Six (TAW-6). Collect each unit and proudly display in goat locker!

Training the World’s Finest Combat Quality Naval Flight Officers

Commander, Training Air Wing SIX (CTW-6) is headquartered in the “Cradle of Naval Aviation” aboard NAS Pensacola, Florida. Responsible for all Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) Naval Flight Officer (NFO) training and production; CTW-6 graduates approximately 300 United States Navy, Marine Corps, and international students annually. Our mission is to safely train the world’s finest combat quality NFOs, committed to global security and prosperity, and projecting Naval Air Power worldwide.

Primary, intermediate, and advanced NFO training is conducted in three training squadrons: Training Squadron TEN (VT-10), Training Squadron FOUR (VT-4), and Training Squadron EIGHTY SIX (VT-86). Additionally, the 2nd German Air Force Training Squadron (2nd GAF) is an integral part of the CTW-6 International Military Training program. The entire CTW-6 team works daily to instill and re-enforce the heroic legacy and attributes of our past Naval Aviation heroes, as well as the core values and qualities our Navy and country demand of today’s naval officers and future naval leaders.