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Surface Warfare Pin Plaque


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Surface Warfare Pin (gold)

Proudly display your surface warfare pin with this 24 inch carved wooden plaque

The surface warfare insignia is a military badge of the United States Navy which is issued to U.S. Navy personnel who are trained and qualified to perform duties aboard United States surface warships. There are presently four classes of the surface warfare pin, being that of line, staff, special operations, and enlisted. The line and enlisted surface warfare badges may be earned by United States Coast Guard personnel assigned to Navy commands. The various badge types are as follows

The surface warfare officer insignia is the first milestone qualification an eligible commissioned officer may receive in surface warfare. This device is commonly called the “SWO pin” in the U.S. Navy since “badge” is more of a Eurasian rather than U.S. term for metal military insignia,[according to whom?] and, jokingly, “water wings” or “mark of the beast.”[citation needed] Those receiving the surface warfare officer pin must qualify as officer of the deck (both underway and in port), small boat officer, combat information center watch officer, and must be trained in shipboard engineering, naval history, and damage control. For further, enterprise-level training, officers will attend Surface Warfare Officers’ School (SWOS) in Newport, Rhode Island between all sea tours. The surface warfare officer badge is typically a prerequisite for tactical action officer (TAO) training.

Junior officers, typically ensigns, assigned to the surface warfare community are known as “unqualified” or “non-quals” until they receive qualification as a surface warfare officer and receive the surface warfare officer badge. Such junior officers are granted 18 months to qualify as surface warfare officers; they may be transferred to another branch of the navy or administratively separated if the qualification is not obtained in the requisite timeframe. Such officers are known as “SWO non-attainees” and this designation is entered into the officer’s permanent military record.

The surface warfare officer pin was designed to depict the traditional and typical elements of naval service: waves breaking before the bow of a ship overlaid on crossed U.S. Navy commissioned officer’s swords, rendered in gold. The insignia recognizing surface warfare officers was introduced in 1975.