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Naval Aviator Wings


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Naval Aviator Wings

Proudly display your Naval Aviator Wings of gold with these 24 inch carved wooden set of wings.

Length – 24 inches

Height – 8 inches

The naval aviator insignia is a warfare qualification of the United States military that is awarded to those aviators of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard who have qualified as naval aviators. The naval aviator insignia is identical for all three branches, as are the similar naval astronaut and naval flight officer badges. Naval aviation pilots were awarded the naval aviation pilot badge which, while considered a separate award, was identical in design to the naval aviator badge.[9] The badge was designed by John H. Towers c. 1917 and consists of a single fouled anchor, surmounted by a shield with 13 stripes, centered on a pair of wings. Between January 1927 and October 1929, the design of naval aviation observer wings was the same as naval aviator wings, except the observer wings were silver. Observer wings after that were of a distinct design.
To qualify for the naval aviator insignia, a service member must complete flight training and be designated a qualified pilot of a military aircraft. Traditionally, student naval aviators are awarded their “soft patch” wings immediately after the completion of their final training flight. These soft wings are typically gold-leaf impressions on leather patches that attach to the flight suit with Velcro. The official naval aviator insignia are later awarded at a “winging” ceremony. These wings are the metal pins worn on the khaki and dress uniforms.