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Marine Air Group MAG-11 Patch


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Marine Air Group MAG-11

A 3.5 to 4.5 inches patch Marine Air Group MAG-11 AVIONICS

Marine Aircraft Group 11 is a United States Marine Corps aviation unit based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar that is currently composed of one F-35C squadron, two F/A-18C squadrons, one F/A-18D squadron, one fleet replacement squadron, one KC-130J tactical aerial refueling squadron, a maintenance and logistics squadron, and a wing support squadron. They fall under the command of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and the I Marine Expeditionary Force.

Provide air support to Marine Air Ground Task Force commanders.

Subordinate units
VMFAT-101 “Sharpshooters”
VMFA(AW)-225 “Vikings”
VMFA-232 “Red Devils”
VMFA-314 “Black Knights”
VMFA-323 “Death Rattlers”
VMGR-352 “Raiders”
Early history
MAG-11 (6 December 1941)
Although commissioned at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, on 1 August 1941, as the Marine Corps’ first aircraft group, elements of the organization that would eventually support its mission actually existed as early as 1 December 1921. Together, these ancestral units were collectively designated as Aircraft Squadron, East Coast Expeditionary Force.