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HT-28 Hellions PVC Squadron – With Hook and Loop


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HT-28 Hellions PVC Squadron – With Hook and Loop

A 4″ inch with Hook and Loop PVC patch of the HT-28 Hellion.

HT-28’s primary mission is to transition student aviators through basic and advanced rotary wing pilot training. Along with its sister squadrons, HT-8 and HT-18, HT-28 provides advanced helicopter flight instruction to all Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard helicopter flight students as well as international students from several allied nations. Additionally, HT-28 conducts a shortened helicopter syllabus for prospective MV-22 Osprey pilots.[1] Basic training introduces and develops student skills in helicopter flight maneuvers as well as training in visual navigation and tactics. Advanced training completes an intensive curriculum of basic and radio instruments, advanced tactics, and shipboard landings. The completion of this exacting training syllabus culminates in a highly trained and proficient all-weather aviator. Students who successfully complete the program earn the right to wear the coveted Wings of Gold.


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