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HT-18 Naval Aviator Chest Patch – Hook and Loop


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HT-18 Naval Aviator Chest Patch – Plastic Backing


Helicopter Training Squadron EIGHTEEN (HT-18), established in 1972, continues its in-depth training of student aviators graduating professional naval officers and aviators who are “Fleet Ready,” able to meet today’s real world missions for the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The squadron also provides rotary-wing training and designation to selected members of various allied nations, refresher and transition training to fleet aviators, and indoctrination flights for mid-shipmen, and flight surgeons.

HT-18’s primary mission is to transition student aviators through basic and advanced rotary wing pilot training. Basic training introduces and develops student skills in helicopter flight maneuvers as well as training in visual navigation and tactics. Advanced training completes an intensive curriculum of basic and radio instruments, advanced tactics, and shipboard landings. The completion of this exacting training syllabus culminates in a highly trained and proficient all weather aviator.