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HSM-72 Proud Warriors “Big Chief” Tan Patch –With Hook and Loop


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HSM-72 Proud Warriors “Big Chief” Tan Patch –With Hook and Loop

A 4″ inch with Hook and Loop patch of the HSM-72 Proud Warriors “Big Chief” Tan.

Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron SEVEN TWO (HSM-72) was originally established as Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light FOUR TWO (HSL-42) on October 5, 1984, at Naval Station Mayport. For 28 years, Proud Warriors of HSL-42, consisting of 10 combat ready detachments, deployed in an expeditionary construct aboard United States Naval cruisers, destroyers and frigates, flying the SH-60B while supporting independent deployer, Amphibious Ready Group, and Carrier Strike Group operations around the globe. On January 15, 2013, HSL-42 was re-designated HSM-72 and relocated to Naval Air Station Jacksonville, reflecting the squadron’s shift from the SH-60B to the MH-60R, and departure from the expeditionary construct, entering the world of Carrier Air Wing operations.

In 2013, Proud Warriors were assigned to Carrier Air Wing SEVEN (CVW-7) and departed on their maiden Carrier Air Wing deployment in November 2015, with Carrier Strike Group EIGHT (CSG-8). In November 2016, HSM-72 transitioned to Carrier Air Wing ONE (CVW-1), remaining in CSG-8 and deployed in support of the USS HARRY S TRUMAN Carrier Strike Group tasking, executing Department of the Navy’s inaugural Dynamic Force Employment operations to the U.S. SECOND and SIXTH Fleet in 2018, with a follow-on deployment in 2019 to the U.S. SIXTH and FIFTH Fleet Areas of Responsibility.

In the Carrier Air Wing construct, Proud Warriors are dispersed between the Carrier Element embarked the nuclear aircraft carrier, and three Combat Elements embarked the three Strike Group escort ships. In support of Carrier Strike Group, Combined and Joint Task Forces, United Nations, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations, the MH-60R is utilized to execute the primary mission sets of surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare, command and control, and non-combat operations.

During an illustrious history, Proud Warriors have conducted deployed operations across the globe, from South America, to the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, off the Horn of Africa, and to the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. Proud Warriors stand ever-ready to support global tasking, continue to uphold the highest traditions and core values of the United States Navy, and demonstrate a level of expertise and professionalism abroad and State-side, making HSM-72 the premier east coast HSM squadron.


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